Mortgage Credit

– the ongoing work streams in the area of Mortgage Credits have recently been discussed from the angle of ‘responsible lending and borrowing’. Whilst this field is actively being monitored by the EBF, attention should be drawn to the existing EBIC – Code of Conduct for Home Loans from 2002, which introduced the ESIS- European Standardized Information Sheet. The ESIS has just been submitted to a comprehensive consumer testing, the results of which have provided material for reflection in view of its update.

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EBIC – recent progress report for the Voluntary Code on Home loans

Consumer Credit

– with the implementation of the revised Consumer Credit Directive the opportunity to ensure more harmonization across Europe in the area of consumer credit has arisen. The directive does however fall short of fully harmonizing a number of areas, leaving a considerable margin to member states discretion. The EBF, through its national member associations, is monitoring the implementation process, whilst continuing the dialogue with the Commission Services.