EBF Tax Conference 2016

EU developments in corporate taxation: potential implications for the European banks


Tuesday 2 February 2016, Brussels


9.30                                    Participations registration


10:00                                  Welcome address by Robert PRIESTER, Deputy CEO, European Banking Federation


10:05 – 10:30                     Opening Session

Toward fairer and more efficient corporate taxation in the EU

Keynote Speech: Michel AUJEAN, Partner, TAJ, fomer director of the Analysis and Tax Policies within the European Commission


10:30 – 12:00                     Panel 1

Base erosion and profit Shifting in the EU context
— Policy and Regulatory elements –

Andre HICKMAN, Head of Transfer Pricing Unit, OECD

03_Panel 1, Andrew Hickman, OECD


Thomas NEALE, Head of Unit, European Commisson DG Taxud

04_Panel 1, Thomas Neale, Commission


Prof. Edoardo TRAVERSA, Professor of Tax Law, Vice-Dean of International Relations Faculty of Law and Criminology, Université Catholique de Louvain, Partner, Liedekerke Brussels

05_Panel 1, Edoardo Traversa


Moderators: Camille SEILLES, Legal and Tax Adviser, Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (ABBL) and Andy MARTYN, Partner, Ernst & Young


- Presentation of the BEPS action plan and final reports
– Presentation of the Commission’s response to BEPS
– Point of attention under EU law


12:00 – 13:20                      Lunch break


13:20 – 15:00                      Panel 2

Base erosion and profit Shifting in the EU context
– Implementation at national level, impact for business and banks’ specificities –

Wim EYNATTEN, Partner, Deloitte Belgium

07_Panel 2, Wim Eynatten


David LEDURE, Director, PwC

08_Panel 2, David Ledure


Geoff PENNELLS, Regional Director for Tax Policy, EMEA, Citigroup

09_Panel 2, Geoff Pennells


Moderator: Els BRUSSELMANS, Chair of the EBF Corporate Income Tax Working Group, KBC


– Specifics BEPS-risk posed by banks
– Why are banks different? Interaction with regulatory requirements applicable to banks
– Points of attention from a banking perspective
– Implementation of BEPS at national level: The UK case


15:00 – 15:30                     Coffee break


15:30 – 16:30                    Panel 3

Panel Discussion on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

10_Panel 3, Panel Discussion


Uwe IHLI, Head of Sector, European Commission DG Taxud

11_Panel 3, Uwe Ihli


Paulus MERKS, Partner, DLA Piper


Hein VERMEULEN, Director, PwC


Moderator: Anuschka BAKKER, Principal Research Associate, International bureau of Fiscal Documentation, IBFD


– Which amendments to the initial proposals does the Commission envisage?
– Challenges and points of attention of Common Corporate Tax Base in Europe? Is a harmonisation of accounting standards at solo level a prerequisite? What about company law?
– What are the specific challenges and implications of a CCTB for European banks? Should a carve-out be envisaged for the banking sector?
– Challenges and points of attention of a Consolited Corporate Tax Base for Europe?


16:30 – 17:15                        Panel 4

Panel Discussion on current issues in Corporate Tax
— State aid, country by country reporting, tax rulings and further corporate tax transparency —

Andy MARTYN, Partner, Ernst & Young

13_Panel 4, Andy Martyn


Alain VERBEKEN, Director Cross-Boarder Tax, Deloitte Luxembourg

14_Panel 4, Alain Verbeken


Helena MALIKOVA, Case Manager, European Commission DG Competition


Moderator: Roger KAISER, Senior policy adviser, European Banking Federation


– Country-by-country reporting
– Automatic Exchange of Information on Tax Rulings
– Tax rulings and State aid


17:15 – 17:30                        Closing remarks by Petra POSPISILOVA, Chair of the EBF Fiscal Committee, ČSOB

Lesson to draw from the Conference