The European Banking Federation aims to achieve the single market in financial services.


Financing the Economy

Europe's banks fund a large part of the economy and play a crucial role by lending to households, governments and business. The EBF however welcomes further integration of capital markets so they become a true alternative source of funding to the economy. The fragmented state of the EU's markets holds back the economic potential of all of its members.

Stability & Structure

The EBF fully supports the Banking Union project and pro-actively contributes to the Single Supervisory Mechanism implementation. It also looks forward to progress on the Single Resolution Mechanism, but expressed strong reservations on the proposal regarding banks' restructuring, which may be detrimental to the economy.

Consumer Focus

Consumer care is a core value of banking in Europe. The EBF supports financial inclusion and welcomed the bank account package adopted by the European institutions in December 2013. The EBF also launched a European Financial Education Platform, with the aim to help European consumersbetter understand the financial services they are offered.



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